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Intranet work Platform:
  • Ips Intranet Platform
  • PHP, MYSQL SERVER,SQL SERVER programming language
    it is a platform for the internal document management of companies

IM-Incident Manager
  • Ips intranet platform
  • A platform that follows different problems in companies and manages them.
    PHP, MYSQL SERVER,SQLSERVER programming language

Telephony cost control application:
  • MonitorVoip
  • A platform that tracks and controls the cost of mobile network of companies.
    PHP, SQL SERVER, .NET programming language

E-learning software solution:
  • YOL(Your online learning
  • Online learning platforms, video conference and courses presentation.
    Used programming language PHP, MYSQL SERVER,JAVA

Mobile applications

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  • Delivery application
  • Ubring is a web platform where you can order online products from any restaurant or location in your area. The platform allows users to create a delivery profile to take orders.

By mobile application . The order can be tracked by GPS system to know exactly the current location of your order. Also this application has a built-in chat that allows you to communicate with couriers , a rating system and feedback.

Web sites

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The most recent websites
  • Diageo Bar Academy - Bar Academy
    UMFCD - Carol Davila
    BAAR - Biroul Asiguratorilor

Midas Supply - Energie Regenerabila
The Glasss - Gastro Bar