Our services

Software Development

Solutions for any enterprise

BeIT offers useful software for any enterprise. We are experienced with a wide variety of products, including: E-learning Solutions, Incident Manager, Electronic Archives, Cost Control, IT Security Solutions, Insurance Company Software

Intranet for companies, Access Control Solutions, HR management, Software solutions for Android, Windows and Apple.

Web design


Using the latest IT technologies, we strive to ensure that your website reaches it's highest potential. We offer our clients, along with web developing services, hosting and server management,

tech support, technical consulting, web promotion on all search engines and on social networks, integrated blogging solutions, newsletter, email, mobile apps. We offer design improvements and performance optimization at a price offer u can;t refuse

Datacenter solutions

Complete solutions for your data

Our company offers complete hosting and server solutions
Working together with us will grant you the following benefits: Shared style hosting which will reduce your communication costs. Cloud Services for your apps

and for any app that can be hosted in Cloud. Backup services. DRC Services (Data Recovery Center)

IT consultance

Consultance & equipments

Software assessment solutions
This type of service improves control efficiency of existing apps and helps detect software problems and bugs, It also helps optimize and upgrade hardware.
It helps optimize and find suitable solution for each

client. Web optimization servies.
On demand optimization services for existing web-pages on par with the latest access and security methods.
Database optimisation services
We offer database optimization services and database architecture design for your company.
Servicii de Securitate – Audio - Video Security Services
Our company offers services and equipments for audio - videosurveillance meeting modern standards for Acces and Security.
With our systems you can watch over Comercial Spaces, Schools, Streets, Houses, and different other applications.


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This type of service includes 24/7 monitoring of computer network performance and operations needed so your company can run at optimum parameters. Also this service includes troubleshooting problems and solution proposal.

Our team offers tehnical support starting at 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM every working day. It is posible to extend our working schedule in the weekend if it's needes.

Software maintenance - update for existing apps(fixing malware,viruses,spyware), intalling new software for added hardware. Hardware maintenance - checking, testing and assure optimum performance of hardware equipment. Network maintenance - checking state of existing network and central system.